Why hire a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant can help your firm:

  • Close the gap between the medical and judicial system
  • Analyze important medical information to help solve cases
  • Educate attorneys and paralegals about medical standards
  • Interpret medical records, hospital policies and documents to adjudicate the case
  • Assemble witnesses and evidence lists for trial
  • Assist attorneys in developing case strategies
  • Assess the possible breach of duty of healthcare staff

When do I call Thorn Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC?

Call Thorn Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC when you get a new case or when you feel like you are struggling with a medical issue.  When you need a well-qualified expert or you are facing a mound of medical records and don’t have the time to sift through them, call.

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How Can Thorn Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC Help?

A valuable addition to your team, I will provide you with an analysis crucial to developing a winning case.

Any complex case would be best served with evaluation by a trained medical professional for quality, accuracy and detailed analysis. The knowledge, experience and resourcefulness that I possess are a secret weapon for success, which is why firms who use Thorn Legal Nurse Consulting depend on me to be thorough, efficient and cost-effective .

Can a Legal Nurse Consultant impact my client’s life?

Absolutely. Thorn Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC can:

  • Assess the quality of care your client received
  • Determine therapy appropriateness
  • Assess medication schedule and dosage
  • Evaluate how the injury or illness impacted their life
  • Provide support during a defense medical examination